Thursday, November 09, 2006

International Relations

I was checking my Stat Counter and saw that someone from England typed in a Google search bar " 'You look nice' in phonetic Greek" and were led to this post in my blog. In response to the "Googler" I have constructed this letter in case he/she ever chooses to return to this site.

Dear Idiot who obviously just saw the 'Borat" movie,

This is a blog. Not a tutorial for accents. Nor am I a dialect coach. If you insist on learning how to say "You look nice" just like Borat, so you can impress and annoy your friends...please don't. They will hate you, if they don't already. FYI - Borat isn't Greek. Not even close. In fact, he's not real. He's made up. I don't want to ruin the mystery for you but Borat is played by an actor named Sacha Baron Cohen and the character is from Kazakhstan, a real place (nowhere near Greece) that was once a republic of the former Soviet Union. The closest Greece ever comes to Kazakhstan is when they face off in the occasional soccer (or as you call it football) match. Yes, Kazakhstan has a team !!! But you should know that, right? Isn't soccer (oops, football) the only thing you people do over there in between successfully avoiding routine dental check-ups and serving up tasteless food? Or do you not like sweeping generalizations either?

Kisses from across the pond,

"Said" Woman


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