Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's Almost All Greek To Me

I want to learn Greek. I'm 100% Greek and I have a minimal grasp of the language. I know the basics. The basics any five year old would know. I can say this is my mouth, hair, nose, ears, tongue, teeth, etc. It's like I was taught from a flow chart that hangs in any kindergarten classroom.

I can also tell someone I love them and what time of day it is depending on the greeting. I can also say hello and goodbye, which thank God is the same word. At least the Greeks decided to make something simple.

I also know when I'm in trouble. In Greek I can understand when I need to shut up (both formally and crass...I guess it depends on the present company)as well as when I will be spanked when we get home because I have misbehaved in public. This hasn't happened in a while, considering I have lived on my own for 10 years...but we're Greek, you never know. Either way, I have a working knowledge of the Greek phrases for most insults and threats of violence which, though they may not come in handy on a daily basis, are perfect for use in case I have any intrest in becoming a bi-lingual dominatrix.

I also need to win the lottery...trips and lessons don't pay for themselves you know!


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