Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PAINting Sucks

So I have learned many things this time around with my apartment, and the whole "moving in/moving out" situation. Even though I myself am not going anywhere, I can't help but feel as if I'm moving as well. I'm moving in to a new situation with a new person with new quirks, peeves, and traits...all things that I will have to adjust to, but at the same time all these things are challenges that I welcome.

One of the new lessons that I'm learning, in addition to the fact that spackle, cleaning supplies, and tools cost a lot when you buy them all at once, is something that I have always known but never seem to accept...that reality will never live up to the fantasy!

My new roomate and I decided to overhaul our apartment. To fix everything that needed to be fixed. To paint the entire place as a way of starting over. To bond. MISTAKE!

Holy Crap! Painting is hard work. What the heck? There are flyers posted throughout my neighborhood that say "Any size room painted - 89 dollars" but nooooo, not me! I had to bond. Had to force myself to make a memory. Curses! There is no room for sentimental B.S. when you are trying to get things done with a new apartment. Any commercial that you have ever seen on television that depicts painting your home as a "fun" time is a damn lie!! Nobody paints, "Will you marry me?" on the wall, eating pizza is hard when your hands are covered in semi-gloss latex paint, and painting across someone's back while they are working is not the laugh-fest they make it look like on TV. The reality is, I can't feel my legs, my neck feels as if its permanantly arched backwards from all the time I spent trying to paint my ceiling, and my fingers feel like they are on fire from trying to hold a steady paintbrush.

My new roomate's furniture hasn't arrived and the aerobed has a hole, so we're sleeping double until her furniture gets here. I swear I have more sleepovers as an adult than I ever did as a kid. It's a good thing we're both ethnic and can understand cramped sleeping styles. It's also a good thing we're both the same religion because when I woke up to the sound of her praying to Jesus to take the pain from her arms away, I just got up and got her some Advil...instead of calling the loony bin. If anyone reading this ever decides to paint, don't do it. Hire someone. If you must do it yourself, screw the ceilings! Oh yeah, and bonding is overrated.


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