Monday, September 25, 2006

Never Underestimate The Bad Taste Of ...


I have an addiction to seeing films. Well I guess films are considered "good" stuff and movies are "not so good" stuff. So let me rephrase and say that I am addicted to watching crap. No, I'm not fooling myself into thinking, "Hey, this may have potential". I literally know this movie is probably going to suck, but I don't have much going on so I will attend. But lately Hollywood is churning out poo all over the place...even too much for a low standard loving movie hack like myself.

Case and Point- Hollywoodland and The Black Dahlia

These movies were released within two weeks of one another... (as if anyone was going to forget the film noir shitfest that was just dumped on them the week prior!) I wish I could go on about how awful it is knowing I've lost four hours of my life on these movies, but the more time I spend obsessing, the less time I have left on the planet to complain about the fact that...

We are about to be bombarded (well let me clarify and say "I" because I am sure I will be the only one who willingly sees these films) with Infamous, which is another version of Capote. Even in the previews they allude to the possibility that we might not give a rat's ass, by using the tagline, "There's more to the story than you know." Really Hollywood? Really? Are you assuming my only knowledge of Capote's experience while writing "In Cold Blood", was the amazing world that Phillip Seymour Hoffman invited me into? Wow. you got me.

Surely, even Truman Capote, one of the most self-involved writers of his time, is looking on all this and saying, "Enough already! I'm sick of me!"

So in summation let me say that I ain't picky, but come on! Cut the crap ,Hollywood. Seriously. Cut the crap films and leave them on the editing floor. The world will be better off for it.

And by the way, somebody out in Hollywood owes me $10.75 for the cost of my Black Dahlia ticket. I'm not asking for anything back on Hollywoodland because I snuck into The Covenant right after. See, I can be fair.


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