Friday, September 15, 2006

Do I Look Like I'm Trying To Work My Way Through Nursing School?

I took a cab home last night. I specifically stated my street and avenue. My cab driver got the street right, yes, and missed my avenue by one. Mistakes happen. Fine.

I realized he had stopped in front of a strip club near my house.

He said, "Here you go, Miss".

Excuse me???

I said, "I'm trying to go home. I don't live here."
Then I repeated my address so there was no confusion this time.

I wonder, did he think I was looking to be entertained, or that I was the entertainment?????

At least he called me "Miss". There's something to be said for manners... Jerk.


Blogger Marissa said...

Hilarious! I think between all us Manhattanite women, we should get together and write a book of cab adventures. I once had a driver propose and then take me to the diamond district to get me a ring (I considered it for a while...I mean, who says no to a diamond? :) ) and another time I was in a cab when my driver stopped the car in the middle of the street (in SoHo) to do a drug-deal with another cabbie. i was too shocked to react!!!

8:13 PM  

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