Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The old roomates are out, moving boxes are gone, and my new roommate is in!!! Finally, I can experience what it is like for two people to live in a two bedroom apartment! Don't get me wrong, living with an engaged couple had it's perks.

Some things I'm really going to miss are:

1) The random sublettors they overcharged to stay in their room while they worked at some sub-par summer stock theater that paid peanuts, for the "art" of it.
2) The public displays of affection and drunkeness.
3) The Party Poker programs that were mysteriously downloaded onto my computer.
4) Having to bear witness to consistent use of unoriginal pet names.
5) Loud "actor" sex that my family and friends had to uncomfortably overhear while visiting.
6) Paying half of the rent when I was only using one-third of the apartment.
7) The amount of television I had to watch in order to avoid having a conversation.

Here's to new beginnings!!!!


Blogger flea said...

ok ewww to #5, like really what was wrong with them

11:20 AM  

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