Thursday, May 29, 2008

Textual Healing...

I recently stopped seeing a guy because he texted me all the time. ALL THE TIME. I miss him but my thumbs don't. My only pride saver was that I told him we shouldn't see each other anymore by text. I thought for sure that would show him! I was trying to make a point that the texting had taken it's toll on me, but instead I just got a text back from him accusing me of having a "Sex and the City" moment. He tried to one up my break-up text with another text...I had to get out before carpal tunnel set in.

What's a matter with people now a days? I think technology is making us stupider. Spellcheck means people don't have to learn how a word is actually spelled. Calculators mean people don't have to learn how to do basic arithmatic. And worse, text messaging makes something as simple as a "Goodnight Call" obsolete. Now perhaps, Men Love Bitches and He's Just Not That Into Me but I would never admit that...the problem was his texting. I'm sure he was in love with me. They all are. It was the texting. Yeah, that's it...

Oh lord.


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