Monday, September 11, 2006

Engine, Engine, Number 9...

...on the New York Transit Line, if the train should jump the tracks, pick it up, Pick It Up, PICK IT UP!!!

Being that it's September 11th and all, I was thinking of Firefighters, Firefighters make me think of fire engines, fire engines make me think of Black Sheep's old school hip-hop song that is now stuck in my brain...

For real though, some of the girls I work with are going to the firehouse around the corner to take cupcakes to the firefighters there. Come On!!!! My first instinct was, "you whores. you total whores." Do firefighters want cupcakes on the fifth anniversary of September 11th? It seems odd or so damn sweet I can't decide. Either way, I'll donate to the cause. If I don't, I'll look cold and like I could care less about 9/11. The truth is, I could care less if these girls get laid, and I have to give money to them to buy cupcakes so they can put on lip gloss and trot over there and come back to the office giggling about the "cute" firefighter...that they met on my dime! I can't believe I'm going to give them money. UUUUGH...

One of the girls in the office called the New York Fire Department to get the number of the nearest firehouse so they can decide where they can take their "goodies". The NYFD answers the phone, "Fire Department. Where's the fire?" They really say that! I wanted to get the number from her just so I could call back and hear them answer the phone. That way when they ask, "Where's the fire?", I can say, "In my pants!" Who's the whore now?

I love beefcakes, I mean, cupcakes.


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