Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have a list of things that I require in a person I spend time with . I have posted this in an online profile. I have done this because I'm in the middle of a dry spell (or picky.) I promise you it has nothing to do with my fear of abandonment, intimacy, or trust...ok, maybe a little. But a girl's gotta' get laid, right?

This is my list.

1) You can't look me in the eyes when you talk
2) You believe what you do for a living defines who you are
3) You're an uptight Conservative or an unrealistic Liberal
4) You don't have a sense of humor
5) You hang with meanies.
6) You hate reading
7) You can't fix my electrical stuff (i.e. surround sound, computers when they go haywire, my sweet ass ipod, etc.)
8) You can't lift heavy stuff
9) You can't remember the last time you donated something...
10) You cancel plans because you have to "work out"
11) You refer to women as "bitches"...and you aren't a rapper.
12) You're dishonest.

This is a response I got today.

my list
are creative ?
cook ? ( i am useless in the kitchen )
dont like talking on the phone ( i hate the phone, yuck )
like spontanious outings ?
good at receving massages ?
long waderings in central park ?
classical music ?
second acting broadway shows ?

(I think he may be unemployed.)


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