Sunday, March 07, 2010

Smells like ...

a bad joke. Yeah, I said it.

(If the video doesn't appear, just type "Nirvana On Ice - Global Warming" in the You Tube search bar-you won't regret it, I promise.)

It wasn't until about a minute and forty seconds in that I realized this was completely serious. Somewhere Kurt Cobain was crying or laughing...take your pick. What have we been reduced to as a society? Is nothing sacred? Is anyone listening to these lyrics, and if so, why is the next logical step to make this song the accompaniment to a bad ice dance? Is everyone in the crowd high? Did anyone look at each other and ask what is this guy thinking? Was his coach fired at the last minute and this is what this guy came up with? Even worse, what if he paid a coach and a choreographer to execute this hot mess of a routine? And more importantly, why did nobody question what he was wearing. He doesn't look like Kurt Cobain, A Seattle resident, an early 90's grunge devotee, or even an extra in this movie:

Instead, this skater looks like the lamest Slayer/ Scorpion fan ever. The best part of this whole routine is everytime you hear Kurt Cobain growl out the phrase "my libido" during the Smells Like Teen Spirit chorus, this asshole on skates busts out a triple axel. The nerve.

This must have been how my parents felt the first time my parents heard Revolution by The Beatles playing on a Nike ad...


Anonymous Catherine said...

My freshman year of college was in 1992, and this guy reminds me of every d-bag on campus in a flannel shirt. I wondered why I had never heard of him and this performance is from 1998 -- but still, it's an abomination.

8:40 PM  

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