Friday, December 01, 2006

Coco B. Wear

Tonight I am going to a Kickboxing/ Muy Thai event. I originally agreed because I thought I was going to watch some kickboxing matches and then be served some cocktails... or see some very Thai men do some kickboxing. I don't know. I've never been to a live fight before and it seems very primal and stuff. I hope they serve nachos. Regardless, I am dressed as trashy as I possibly can at work (without being asked to leave) because whenever I see boxing matches on TV all the ladies look like they could be or at one time were married to Ice-T. I'm calling today's outfit "seasonally inappropriate".

Whatever Muy Thai boxing may be, through my research (ummm Google) , it seems to have sparked the following online thoughts by the denizens of Muy Thai boxing fans who spend their days in chat rooms (no doubt perfecting their latest death grips) :

1) If a shaolin student were to go against a muy thai boxer, and both of them has about the same level of experience, who do you think would win? Why?

2) I think overall, muy thai could beat most of the Chinese Boxing style. For example, some praying mantis styles focus more on speed and use several actions to take down his opponent. While doing all of this, a muy thai boxer would just execute on strong roundhouse kick and it would all be over.

3) Finally some people realize that styles don't win fights people win fights. All this, would drunken shaolin beat mantis or can kung fu beat Muay Tai crap is getting old. Talking isn't going to answer anything. If someone wants to test his or her style against other styles that is great. However, whether they win or lose has little to do with their style or the other persons style it generally comes down to who is a better fighter and has more fighting experience.

Wow!!! Looks like tonight is going to be bloody and geeky. I hope that in addition to the nachos they serve beer. I'm going to need something to wash down all this ass-kicking!!!!


Blogger Andy said...

That sounds AWESOME! I've always wanted to learn a mantis fighting-style! I wanna go!

4:28 PM  
Blogger Sister Mary Lisa said...

I hope you report in your next post on your observations. Feel free to show us what you wore in pictures.

And what THEY wore while fighting.

If I were in NY, I'd wanna go too.

10:05 AM  

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