Monday, July 24, 2006

What? No Boobs?

I went to see Clerks II this weekend and apparently (much to my shock and awe) I am not in the demographic of viewers the previews were intended for…dear god, if I were a man I would be offended at the crap they were trying to peddle. Apparently the only interests you guys have are beer, kung-fu, sports, and general ass kicking. (At least according to Hollywood.)

In addition, you are also unable to handle several words at once, because any movie that was previewed had one word titles like Crank (general ass-kicking), Fearless (kung-fu), Invincible (sports), and Beerfest (obvious).

The movie was fun and even better was the sneak peek I got to see of Alvarez actually starring opposite Marky Mark in the preview for Invincible. So as a result, I don’t know how much longer Alvarez and I will be neighbors because he is obviously not in my lowly tax-bracket anymore…time to make my move! (By move I mean trying to muster up a sentence that upgrades me from mentally challenged to only a slight speech impediment.)


Blogger Chivo Camarena. said...

Lindo blog; y desde la tierra de Moby!, chido !Hasta la vista, ay en la otra.

5:40 PM  
Blogger "said" Woman said...

For anyone reading this blog who may be bi-lingually challenged let me translate the previous comment posted by Chivo Camarena (as per my co-worker who is one of my best friends and 100% Mexican...)
"Sweet Blog! You are from the same city Moby lives in! See ya' later!"
In response, let me say "Si.Muchas Gracias!"

5:52 PM  

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