Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Oh What A Night"

I am at a hotel in Richmond, VA tonight having arrived early for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. My family doesn’t arrive until the morning, so I am left to my own devices. This hotel is dead at 11:00pm with the exception of the "Visions Dance Club" located in the lobby. It's a nightclub for the over 60 crowd that like to shake it to "Oh what a Night" but not in a "happy time" kind of way...rather a more of a "I had a rough week at the office, I'm in the middle of my third divorce, let's go down to 'Visions' and get my dirty on" kind of way. I tried to go in for one drink but I was overwhelmed by the AARP manmeat. There are definitely some places single women should never go alone, and a bad dance club in the lobby of a quazi remote Holiday Inn is definitely one of those places. It's like "Cocoon" on Viagra down there.


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